Even though our dogs would love the idea, we can’t entertain our pooches during every waking hour. The reality is, many of us are at work most of the day. Leaving our dogs to entertain themselves at home alone. But without enough to do throughout the day, our pups can become bored. And unfortunately, with boredom can come all sorts of troublesome behaviors. Here are 4 signs of a bored dog and what you can do about it.

4 signs your dog is bored

Destructive behaviors

If you often come home to half-eaten shoes and a chewed-up couch, your dog may well be bored. Dogs are natural chewers. If they’re not given something constructive to do with their time, they’ll find ways to entertain themselves. And sometimes in ways we don’t approve of.

Incessant barking

A dog that barks at someone walking by the window, or when someone enters your home, is typical pooch behavior. But if your dog constantly barks throughout the day, there’s a good chance they’re bored. And they’re doing it to fill time before their favorite humans return.

Attention seeking

When you’re at home, your dog will naturally come to you when they looking for something fun to do. Dogs love attention from their owners and know exactly how to get it. Your dog may jump up, bark at you, stare at you or sit right in your lap when boredom strikes.

Sleeping too much

As sad as it sounds, a bored dog may ‘give up on life’ and choose to sleep the hours away. Dogs spend around 12-14 hours a day sleeping, and another large part of the day awake relaxing. But too much sleeping can be a sign your dog has sunk into depression from having nothing to do all day. Lethargy can also signal a health issue, so be sure to consult your vet if the incessant snoozing is out of the blue.

How to reduce boredom in dogs

Have you ever heard the saying ‘a tired dog is a good dog?’ Dogs need plenty of physical and mental exercise to stay healthy in body and mind. To keep the boredom at bay, make sure you’re taking your dog out for long walks every day to tire them out. To ramp up the physical exercise, throw a ball or frisbee along the way to encourage more running.

But those daily walks aren’t always enough. Dogs are intelligent creatures and love mentally stimulating activities too. Try setting aside time in the week to teach your dog a new trick. Play games like find the treats to test your dog’s senses. Offer interactive toys where they need to work hard to uncover treats.

Our dogs depend on us for their entertainment. The best way to keep your dog from getting bored is to provide lots of opportunities for mental and physical stimulation throughout the day.

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