For adoring cat owners, petting a moggy is simply irresistible. But cats are mysterious creatures, and it’s no secret they can be a little standoffish. Whereas our canine friends will lap up the affection all day long, some cats prefer more quiet time sitting in their own company.

So if your cat’s not that into you, it’s likely not personal. It’s not that difficult to become best pals with your feline furball, but the clue is in YOUR behavior. Here are our top tips to help you form a better bond with your favorite kitty.

Let your cat take the lead

Cats don’t appreciate being pushed into engagement and interaction with humans. No matter how much we want to pet them, pick them up and smother them in kisses. And in fact, if you push it too far you might just end up with a warning bop on the nose. So don’t fuss over your cat when they’re happy relaxing. Let them make the first move and come to you in their own time.

Help them feel safe

Cats need to feel safe before they feel confident enough to approach you for love and affection. If they feel fear, they’re more likely to hide or avoid you. Cats are small creatures compared to us humans. Looming over a cat can make them feel intimidated. So when you’re greeting your kitty, be sure to come down to their level. And try to avoid direct eye contact, as this can be seen as confrontational.

Keep calm and relaxed

Whereas dogs love high energy interactions with their humans, cats are the opposite. They don’t enjoy over-the-top behavior with sudden sounds and movements. Cats are more likely to stick by your side if your behavior is calm and predictable. When it comes to our feline friends, the more predictable your behavior, the more your cat will trust you.

Reward good interactions

Using tasty treats will help your cat associate you with something positive. But it’s a good idea to use treats strategically to help you build that bond. So for example, offering treats only for positive interactions with you, like approaching you for affection. Not all cats are treat-motivated, so you may need to trial and error a few choices first. Plain chicken, tuna flakes or mild cheese are a great starting point.

Make time for play

Play sessions are a great way to bond with your kitty, and wand style toys are a top choice among cat owners. But always be smart and considerate before engaging in play. If your cat has approached you and seems relaxed in your company, they may be tempted into a play session. But never force playtime and don’t overdo it. Keep it short and sweet and let your cat come to you if they want more.

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