Litter box issues:

If your cat is not using the litter box appropriately, there could be several reasons why.  Try the following suggestions if you are experiencing this issue…

  • First off, you need to rule out a health issue. Often this will occur if your cat has bladder stones, UTI’s or crystals in their urine.  It is best to have a Vet check to make sure your cat is healthy
  • Try using more than 1 litter box. This can be important if you are a multi-cat household.  Cats don’t like to wait for their turn in the litter box
  • Make sure your cat’s litter box is regularly cleaned
  • Try switching the box to a different location
  • Try changing the litter box. Some cats prefer open boxes and others prefer closed boxes
  • Try changing the litter you are using. Sometimes a different type will make all the difference.

Scratching the wrong things:

Cats will naturally scratch to remove dead outer layers of their claws, to mark their territory and to stretch their bodies so if you prefer that they leave your good furniture alone, you can try some of the suggestions below.

  • Buy a few scratching posts and put a dab of catnip on the posts to encourage them to scratch the post and not your couch.
  • Trim their claws or have your Vet do this at the next check up appointment

Snacking on houseplants:

First and foremost, it is essential that you find out which plants are toxic to cats.  There are a few so make sure you don’t have these in your home.

  • Keep cat grass available so your cat will go for the cat grass on not your plants
  • Put pinecones in your plants. Cats do not like the texture of the cones and will likely stay away
  • Keep your plants out of your Cats reach

Jumping on tables and counters:

Cats love to position themselves at the highest vantage point for observation.  Sometimes that means they will jump on tables and counters.  Try some of the suggestions below…

  • Provide your cat their own high observation space preferably beside a window for stimulation
  • Purchase a cat tree and place it by the window
  • To prevent them from going on counters, you can place a clear vinyl carpet runner as they don’t like the feel of these on their paws