Here are some home-made options to help with flea prevention for your pets during Flea season:

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR:  Dilute apple cider vinegar and water (equal parts) in a spray bottle and spray your pets coats to help prevent fleas.  If you pet doesn’t like the spray option, then add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to your dogs water bowl and for cats; you can dip a grooming comb in the mixture and comb through your cats coat to help prevent fleas.

BREWERS YEAST:  To help with the prevention of fleas in your dog/cat, then brewers yeast can be your friend.  Add 1/2 teaspoon of brewer’s yeast at mealtime for a cat or small dog, and 1 teaspoon per 30 pounds of body weight for larger dogs.

CITRUS:  Take a lemon and cut it into quarters.  Pour boiling water over top, cover, and let it steep overnight.  Spray your pets coat (avoiding eyes) to repel fleas.  If your pet doesn’t like the spray then try rubbing the juice of a freshly squeezed orange or lemon onto your pets coat.  Areas to target:  under the legs, behind the ears and the base of the tail.  *do not use citrus essential oils as they can be toxic to your pets.  Cats don’t like citrus so this might be more effective for dogs.

ROSEMARY:  Steep 2 cups of fresh rosemary in boiling water for half and hour.  Strain the liquid and throw away the remaining leaves.  Add up to a gallon of warm water to the mixture *depending on the size of your dog.  Let it cool to warm touch.  Pour the mixture over your dog and let it dry naturally.

NEEM OIL:   Add a few drops of Neem oil to your pets shampoo, dilute it with dishwashing liquid for a do-it-yourself spray or you can directly apply the oil to your pets coat.  Cats are more sensitive so be cautious when applying.

CEDAR CHIPS:  Fleas hate the smell of cedar so if you place these around your pets bedding it can be a great deterrent.  Some cats also hate the smell of cedar so you can use them outside in the garden or anywhere outside your cat spends time.

LAVENDAR:  This is another scent that fleas do not like.  Use fresh lavender and soak it in a bowl of water overnight.  Strain it and put in a spray bottle.  You can spray your pet with this or if your animal doesn’t like to spray option, dip a flea comb in the mixture and comb it onto their coat to remove fleas.   * do not use lavender essential oil

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH:  Diatomaceous earth is a natural rock formed by fossilized algae.  Use food grade diatomaceous earth (which is safe for both pets and humans).  You can get this from your local pet retailer and follow the instructions on the packaging.